4 Cheap, Easy, and Natural Solutions for the Common Cold!

We all succumb to the common cold at least once a year. Fall and winter are particularly challenging times, when we find ourselves even more susceptible to catching cold because we spend more time indoors. We are around more people and don’t get as much natural air. The common cold is caused by several different microbes, but usually it’s a virus so we don’t need to take antibiotics all the time because they actually target bacteria. Viruses are best dealt with by tonifying the immune system so that we can help our bodies clear out the microbes faster and by implementing different strategies to help with the uncomfortable symptoms we experience.

Luckily, there are so many scientifically proven, cheap, and effective solutions to the common cold that you probably already have at home!

Ginger: This potent kitchen staple is so useful for so many things, but especially for immune support. It contains volatile oils and resins which help to enhance immune function. From a Chinese medicine perspective, ginger acts on the lungs, which in turns opens to the skin. It is in that way that microbes are expelled from the body!
How to use: chop up some garlic, and boil the pieces for about 20 minutes in water, let cool, and drink. Best used in fresh form, not dried.


~Light-Workers, Unite!~

Does anyone else feel that tingle in the air? That call to greatness, to action, to solidarity, to love, to resistance, and to community?

I KNOW it's not just me. I'm noticing that people in my life are in the process of evolving into their greatest selves.

It's the past few months, as things have gotten increasingly turbulent in our society, I've been observing that people are really waking up. People are getting more in touch with their light and power. We are also noticing our inter-connectedness and the fundamental truth that "when I hurt you, I hurt myself". Light-workers are being called not only to WAKE UP, but to find each other.


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A Haitian Treasure: Vèvenn (Vervain)

Reminder: My work is copyrighted. Please do NOT repost or copy my work without citing this as a source. 

If you are Haitian and have ever experienced SHOCK (sezisman or chok), then chances are that you've been handed a cup of te vèvenn, or vervain tea.

Vèvenn or Verbena officinales, is a beautiful flower of the Verbenaceae family that is known for its calming and digestive effects. Vervain is native to the Americas, as well as Asia.  This plant is used as an ornament, as a popular perfume constituent, as a flavor in various liqueurs, and most traditionally as a healing tea. We like to use the aerial part of this herb, during its flowering stage for the most potent effect.
Source: Google Image search
Haitians traditionally use this herb for helping each other move through grief. Commonly given to folks directly after hearing bad news (such as the death of a loved one), Vèvenn is thought to help calm down the intense mental/emotional/physical/spiritual reaction of that news. Haitians also use this herb to help cleanse the blood. So that can mean figuratively, in the sense that Vèvenn helps rid the body of toxins, spells, or bad luck. It can also refer to Vèvenn's ability to help the body fight off various forms of rheumatisms, or infections. This herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory and bitter, meaning it has a strong effect on the liver and gall bladder, which are moving organs; they literally cleanse, move, and store blood. Man, we Haitians have so much knowledge!