April Haiti Trip: Photos!

Hi everyone! I am back from Haiti! It's always difficult for me to describe powerful experiences properly....All I can say is that it was unlike anything I expected. I mean this trip ended up being totally different from the trip I planned, and I couldn't be happier. The trip was filled with meditation, movement, laughter, love....lots and lots  and LOTS of love...and growth. A seed was planted and I look forward to watching it blossom. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos, but of course I can't upload them all on this blog. So I've chosen just a fraction of them to share. Enjoy!
Hotel lobby. We stayed at the Karibe hotel for the first 3 nights.
Favorite artist of life (in Port au Prince)
Love her. We bought fruits from her and her mom every day we were in PAP
Yum. The fruits in the basket to the right are Kowosol
On our way to Kenzcof to view our property
Presentation at the Congres
The Haitian rooster
Mommy dancing!
Tap-Tap. I am yet to ride one!
On our way to the South
Janine's Greenhouse. Obsessed.
Janine's house in Les Cayes 
Aunt and family friend
Peaceful Cow
Me in my little spot in Port Salut!
Mommy in my spot
Mmmmmm coconut water
Port Salut 
Sea grapes
The crew for the day
Lambi (conch), Homard (lobster), Banans (fried green plantains), Pickliz (coleslaw)
Mangoes beyond Mangoes
Used clothes market near Cite Soleil
Yes that is Shakira. Yes that is Justin Beiber
Las Cahobas. Students crossing the river during their lunch break
On our way up the mountain to bathe in the river.

Onwards and upwards to the mountains
Alas! The river :)

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  1. These pictures look amazing. I would love to visit Haiti one day.- Joanie

  2. Thank you! You should definitely go if you get a chance! Thanks for commenting Joanie. -N

  3. Haiti is beautiful. And that is the prettiest cow I've ever seen

    1. Haiti IS beautiful. I thought the cow was rather lovely too! It was so peaceful.