Until further notice, I curse Fridays because a Friday took you away from me.

Today is Good Friday, but there is nothing good about this Friday.

This Friday is a Friday thrice removed from the Friday that stole you away for good.

I stumble at 12:10: the time you told mommy you loved her, as you walked out the door for the last time.

I cry at 1:43: the time you crossed the Throggs Neck Bridge, never to return.

I die with you at 2:13.

I shake in our grave at 2:20: the time they called mommy to tell her to rush to the hospital.

I join the universe in silence at 5:15 pm (2:15 PST), when I was told that my daddy is dead.

See, all the pending Fridays will remind me of the darkness of the Friday three Fridays ago.

And for that reason, I curse Fridays.


  1. I don't know you in person but I cry with you in spirit. How proud your daddy must continue to be of you. You're a beautiful soul. You'll have that feeling, that intuition, when it's time to forgive Friday slowly, very slowly. But until then my dear, hate Fridays and that's quite alright. ~ Kika

  2. I feel your pain dear Naika. Keep writing to your daddy and keep feeling in Fridays. As you say to us, stay engaged.
    One love.