Daddy Manifested

My daddy was more than skin and bones.

Today, as I completed the mystery of death, I imagined your different manifestations.  
And then it came to me, that even though your spirit is up there, you are also in everything.
You are everywhere, even in me.

I thought about all the things that you are a part of, and the one that kept re-appearing was water.

I imagined that you are in all seasons and all conditions; sun, rain, snow and hail.

I contemplated the sun and imagined your smile in its rays.
At that instance, the sun came out.

I imagined that you are a part of the water that flows, the water that rains.
So, I contemplated the rain. It rains so much in Seattle.
At that instance, it started to rain.

I imagined your spirit embodied in snow, like the snow angels we used to make.
At that instance, it started to snow.

Moments later, I imagined you in hail.
At that instance, it started to hail.
The louder I screamed "Daddy!", the more it hailed!
I danced in the hail, even though it hurt a little.
But, I danced and danced because I know you were dancing with me.

I've been thinking about the concept of home lately.
In some ways, I have imagined that I have no "home" as I know it anymore.
You were my home.
At that instance, this song started playing on my shuffle, and it reminded me.

If you are everywhere and in everything, I am always at home because....
Home is wherever I'm with you.

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