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Naika in Balance is a breath of fresh air, a space to engage in dialogue, a place to make connections.
              A space for the curious, the expressive, and the fly to find inspiration, create community, and 
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Naika in Balance is a space for the curious, expressive and fly.  It features tips for achieving a balanced holistic lifestyle, suggestions for places to go, things to do, and information on natural hair (including natural/organic product suggestions and reviews).  This blog offers a fresh perspective on life, health, and culture.

Interested in sending a product for review? Email me and I will provide you with an address to send the products to.  In all cases, I will provide my honest opinion to my readers in the form of an informative review.
My readers are interested in the following:

  • Natural/organic health products for multi-ethnic HAIR and BEAUTY
  • Natural/organic foods
  • Eco-frindly clothing
  • Products for a cause, particularly from under-represented cultural groups
  • Socially responsible arts and crafts

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The readers of Naika in Balance are multi-faceted.  They are creative, socially responsible, expressive, and dynamic. They are looking for ways to achieve balance, maintain a happy and holistic lifestyle, and remain informed.  They are looking for places to go, things to do, products and techniques to try, etc.

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  1. Do you have any of these Haitian Hibiscus Flower seeds available for sale? Can't seem to find them online . . .