The Girl: Naika is a girl who maintains balance by engaging in all things related to art, culture, and holistic health-that is mind, body, and spirit. 
Naika's mission in life is to heal and to serve all people.

Naika received a Bachelors degree in Medical Anthropology from Brown University in 2011.
Naika is currently in medical school at Bastyr University in Seattle, studying Naturopathic Medicine.

Special interests include spirituality, music, natural hair, natural medicine, integrative health, Haiti, humanitarianism and all things creative, colorful, and fresh.

The Blog: Naika in Balance is a breath of fresh air, a space to engage in dialogue, a place to make connections.
This blog offers a new perspective on life, health, and culture.
Where the artistic meets the holistic.

A space for the curious, the expressive, and the fly to find inspiration, create community, and 
stay engaged.